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Screenshot Touch is an app to create snapshots of whole websites as they're shown on your smartphone. From your settings menu, you pick the format you want for your screenshots (default captures are set to JPEGs); and they're image resolution (50% by default). You can also choose to exclude or include your status bar.

Plus along with creating website captures, Screenshot Touch also lets you capture anything on your screen - fast. Plus you can create video captures as well. All your image and video files are perfectly stored on your smartphone memory within the app's file.

Another unique feature about Screenshot Touch is that it'll allow you to draw on any screenshot you've taken. That way you can quickly underline texts or important screen elements to draw attention to them.

Screenshot Touch is a handy app. It turns capturing websites, screenshots or videos of your screen, etc ... into a very simple process.
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Android 5.0 or higher required.

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